(Skiron) #1

Can fly the Nightmare and Machariel.

Good Gunnery, Drone and Cap skills.

Full set of +5 learning implants plus some gunnery implants. Motion Prediction 5%, Surgical Strike 5%, Large Turret 5%.

As well as power grid implant.

No kill rights, located in Jita, positive wallet.

Minimum bid of 13bill.

B/o reduced, 17bill.

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #2

15 Bil

(Skiron) #3

Noted thanks.

B/o reduced to 17bil.

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #4

16 Bil
Isk ready .

(Skiron) #5


Send the account name & ISK to Skiron. I’ll get it started now.

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #6

i will convo you ingame o7

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #7

Isk Sent !

(Skiron) #8

ISK Received, character transfer started.

Character Name: Skiron

Will be completed after: 7/2/2017 9:20:24 AM

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #9

Confirming The Transfer.