SOLD, ty

Alberto Yirasolutio -8.2m SP (238k unallocated)

Positive wallet.
No Kill rights.
Located in null, but can jump clone to HS

Looking for 5b bid. 24 hour auction after first bid. Thank you !

5B here B/N

Shvz 5b high bid
Will close at 5pm EST…

SOLD pls sent ISK and account into
Shvz Fairy

Will do, I’ll message you when online ( currently at work )

never heard from you … still want this pilot?

sent you a message ingame but never had a respond, I have found another char meanwhile sorry

np , my fault…
a still for sale BUMP

bump .

4.5b bid

sure Burak … pls send isk and account info to this toon

bump today

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