[SOLD} UNNAMED 0 history/2007 Birth/ 0 transactions ALL kinds of Goodies

Hello and Good Afterfnoon,

Today is the day that I Auction myslef.
I am an UNnamed Gallante
Here is my data: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gallente_Citizen_688745881
I am NOT sculpted as yet
I have positive wallet
I have 0 Kill rights
I have 100% 0 transaction history
I have been in default NPC for 13 years since creation where my owner has never touched me in any way.
I have default skill points from 2007 birthday
I have yearly remap
I have 3 additinal remaps available.
I will pay the automated transfer fee.

Now, here we go. This AUCTION will run from today 6-7-2020 until 6-15-2020 at witch time after work that evening I will initiate said transfer.
There is NO SKILL training on this toon. What makes this toon special is it is 100% in EVERY WAY shape and form, It was created 13 years ago never touched and placed in the closet.

Please bid responsibly. If you fail to wins this auction, I do have 6 more of various races EXACTLY like this. Happy Bidding

Starting bid : 1.5bil

Good day and good bump :+1:


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Good day and good bump :+1:

bump bump and away

Bump for today

currently the bid is 1.5b from prime codex.

2B offered

Current bid 2b

offer withdrawn. found another toon

Is it a boy or a girl? Which kind of gallente? (Jin Mei, Intaki, or “Gallente”?)

If it is Jin Mei or Intaki, and a girl, then 2.5 b

If i log in it will ruin the validity of what im selling. So I honestly cant tell you because I have only ever logged into it once. and that was 13 years ago. Your bid of 2.5b is noted. I can’t give you any more info than what I have because I wont log into it good sir. It sits untouched for 13 years and its UNSCUPLTED AND UNNAMED

current bid 2.5b


Current bid 3b prime codex. AUCTION ends in less than 24 hrs

Auction ends in less than 8 hrs left. Prime codex still high bid. 3.0b

Heya prime, congratulations! You are the winning bid at 3 billion. I just logged into this char and it wants me to sculpt it. As it was sold and promised unscultped and i need you to convo my alt. His name is 0sync0 he will post here in a second to confirm. PLEASE SEND isk to 0syn0 along with your account name and I will initiate transfer . Thank you and congratulations.

confirming I am receiving the isk for the sale and will initiate transfer upon receiving. Thank you and congrats again.

Please post here when isk is transferred thamk you.