WTS 2007 Female Char can be renamed 5.8m SP (SOLD)


For sale,
no kill rights, npc space, pos isk,
3.275m unallocated sp
Asking 4.5 bil

Character is Sold

4 bil.

Thanks for bid, going to let it run 24 hrs and close it.

4.5bil Asking Price

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5 bil bo

Almost at the 24 hr mark, will sell to highest bidder at close.

5.2 bil

5.5 B

6 bil

7.5 bil bid

7.7 bil bid

Leonie is high bid and bidding is closed,
Send isk and acct info to this character and I’ll start transfer.


Isk and acc info sent

Transfer done, you should get an email soon.

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