WTS '03 109m SP Gall pilot

Selling my baby girl. Character highlights:

  • Positive wallet

  • Positive sec status

  • Just under 8b in assets.


let’s start the bidding low at 85b. thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:


She’s awesome! :flushed: I was honestly looking for a Character like this for such a long, long time and am now pretty sad that she is out of my affordable price range…

But just in Case you would like her to enjoy a lovely for ever Home, without Reselling and Skillfarming, please be so kind and think about the following:

I guess I would be able to arrange like 20B. Of course that would be a god damn Lowball for such a nice Girl and I dont want to bother you with this. That’s why I would like to know if you would consider stripping her down on your own till she owns an Amount of Skillpoints you would like to sell for that price?

If thats not an Option it was at least worth a try and I hope that she finds an Owner that treats her well!

I’ll start at 85. Been looking for a new alt character recently


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