WTS 2007 5mill sp char

2007 char. 4.974.234 SP,

NPC corp for 11 years
no kill rights
positive sec status
3 bonus remap, 1 standard remap
no jump clones

7bill b/o
transfer by PLEX (i pay) via support ticket.
ISK to me
located in high sec.


Hi, i offer 6 bill

HI teolow

TY for offer. I will accept!

6 bil ISK and details sent to the character Santain

ISK & acc details received, thank you.

I will now start process via support ticket of character transfer

Hi, it took more than 10 hours, but the character has not yet passed.
We have some problems?

normally need 24 hours for transfere, lol

More than 24 hours have passed


Sorry I have only just seen. The transfer is via support ticket, which seems to be taking longer.
I will contact them again.

character received, the transaction is completed.

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