WTS: 2006 Low SP Character [SOLD]

Wallet balance: 50 mill

No kill rights.

No jump clones.

Docked in Jita.


Accepting offers over 5b.

ok my offer is good for a couple hours if you change your mind

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

Still for selling?

Yes. 5 bil and he’s yours.

sorry I’m not offering 5B.

Well, I clearly wrote “Accepting offers over 5b” in the original post…

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

Daily bump.

Daily bump…


3B ready

3B? Is that more than 5B? I don’t think so…

Daily bump.


I could use an substance abusing minmatar on my team.


If you’re offering 6.9B for the character, it’s a deal.

Please send me an EVE-mail in-game.

Message and isk sent.