2007 Birthday. Renameable.. Unamed/Unsculpted/ 0 corp/0 transactions 4 Sale

I am for Sale. I am the perfect inject able absolutely 0 transaction free character for all your infiltration needs :slight_smile:

2007 Birthday
0 Kill rights
0 Corp History
0 transactions of ANY kind
Positive wallet
0 Assets
1 Yearly Remap
3 Bonus Remaps
0 jump clones
Location: Highsec
0 Implants
Skills : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gallente_Citizen_1860061695

As per CCP : I pay the transfer fee

This pilot would be perfect inject able toon for infiltration, camping or what ever your needs are.


200m offer

Bump, your funny guy :joy:

How much you looking for ? :wink:

Sold the last three like this for 4, 4 and 5 bil respectively. Id like to see 4 or better or ill just keep him and inject. These make great blank injection slates. Good question man, thanks for stopping by.