2007 Birthday. Renameable.. Unamed/Unsculpted/ 0 corp/0 transactions 4 Sale

I am for Sale. I am the perfect inject able absolutely 0 transaction free character for all your infiltration needs :slight_smile:

2007 Birthday
0 Kill rights
0 Corp History
0 transactions of ANY kind
Positive wallet
0 Assets
1 Yearly Remap
3 Bonus Remaps
0 jump clones
Location: Highsec
0 Implants
Skills : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gallente_Citizen_1860061695

As per CCP : I pay the transfer fee

This pilot would be perfect inject able toon for infiltration, camping or what ever your needs are.


200m offer

Bump, your funny guy :joy:

How much you looking for ? :wink:

Sold the last three like this for 4, 4 and 5 bil respectively. Id like to see 4 or better or ill just keep him and inject. These make great blank injection slates. Good question man, thanks for stopping by.

Is this character still for sale?

5b isk rdy to go

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