[SOLD] Very Good Nid/Hel Ratting Pilot

(Tara Collins) #1


I am selling myself, 13.16 Mil SP Ultra Focused Ratting Carrier Pilot. Not a single SP wasted.

Link to my char sheet below
Password is "008 " ( without the quotation )


Can use t2 fighters,
Can heavy bombers in 15 days
Very good Carrier Ratting Pilot

Located in high-sec
Postive ISK wallet

Starting bid is 15B

Buyout is reserved


Thankyou :slight_smile:

WTB Nidhoggur Pilot
(Takitani Genji) #2

10b i want get it

(Tara Collins) #3

Daily Bump

(little casket) #4

Can this account be cheaper, maybe 13b is a nice price?

(Tyrion Lannester) #5

Iโ€™ll offer 12b

(Tara Collins) #7

Still looking for me prince!

(Tara Collins) #10

looking for little more :slight_smile: and daily bump

(little casket) #11

13b, daily bump

(Tara Collins) #12

13 bil is a go no dude, if u inject this toon on a brand new char its almost 20 bil worth of injectors. and i am not even asking 20bil for this i am asking whats reasonable. i donโ€™t want to sell it for extractor value.

(Tara Collins) #14

Daily Bump

(Gackel MDC) #16

16b B/O

(Tara Collins) #17

BO accepted transfer isk in-game please

(Gackel MDC) #18

Isk Sent

(Tara Collins) #19

ISk received , will begin transfer in 30 mins

(Tara Collins) #20

GM petitioned , should begin transfer soon

(system) #21

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