WTS 44.4m Ratting Hel/Jack of all trades capital/subcap pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/My_Dirty-Hobby pw:1234
Wallet positive.
No killrights.
Has a full set of +5 implants in jita, located there currently.

  • All base drone skills to V (except Avionics)
  • T2 Fighters and T2 FSU
  • Heavy Fighters to IV
  • Has all carrier skill books injected and all carrier skills have been trained to 3 minimum (Minmatar is IV)
  • Has all dreadnought skillbooks injected and has amarr and caldari dreadnought to 3 (Minmatar 2, Caldari 1)
  • Caldari AND Amarr titan skillbooks injected
    Minor notes: It can fly a kikimora extremely well, has t2 small precursor weapons.
    It can fly a basilisk, has logistics cruiser IV and caldari cruiser V.
  • Has capital industrial ships injected

Transfer will be paid for by PLEX.
Starting at 45b. B/O 55b.

Edit: I am not in a hurry to sell this character, bids below the starting number will be considered free bumps.
Edit 2: B/O reduced to 55b.

Confirmed for sale.

50b mail me if interested, isk rdy

Thank you for the bid, I’ll let it go on for a little while longer though.

Sold to lucky bee for 52b isk. Please send isk and account name to my-dirty hobby.

Confirming sale for 52B, will sent isk and sent acc.name ingame.

Recieved. Making transfer ticket now.

Ticket has been sent.

CCP, How long will this take?

CCP is flooded with reimbursement tickets due to the server issues, it took ME 2 weeks to get the pilot. If it takes a long time, you’ll probably get some omega time as compensation.

If i knew this before wouldn’t bought it!
Last time i purchased a char using plex transfer.

The character has been transferred. .

Confirming i recieved the char today.
Thnx m8

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