SOLD Wormholer, Orca Pilot, and more

Was primarily used in wormhole living (C3/C4). Orca pilot, industrial pilot, scanner, miner, gas harvester, command ships, and more…

Still training while waiting for sale (only toon left on 2nd account).

Clean older toon with positive wallet and limited employment history.

16B Minimum

NOTE: Melting would net 14B+
NOTE: 5.5M Skill left after melting would be worth approximately 4B
NOTE: Character Transfer is $20 which is approximately 1.9B


Thanks for the offer; but, that is around the amount would get if melted the toon (14.5B-15.5B). Need more…

BTW: This is another toon I am selling making this reply. :slight_smile:


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Bump (was away for Thanksgiving - with only spouse - heh). Back to selling). :slight_smile:

Found a char

sorry i placed an offer on your toon, but couple hours later found a similair toon, retracted my offer.

Not sure what you are saying or referring to…

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NOTE: Lowered price to bare minimum and doing additional training on toon until sold. :slight_smile:

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Giving it a few more days else will melt the toon. :frowning:

16b b/o