SOLD - WTS 10 Mil SP, Caldari, 2018 T2 Hulk/Skiff/Mak Pilot

WTS Liam Tsutola

  • No Kill Rights
  • In an NPC corp
  • Positive Wallet

This guy was designed to t2 mine in null sec. sport a tank, and defend himself with drones.
*T2 Kernite, Arknor, Bistot
Also has both Caldari and Minmatar frigates trained to 5.

Asking 10 bil, I pay the transfer fee.


i would offer you 8,5b
can send the isk right now

The going rate is 1bil per mil. Split the difference at 9.5 bil?

Hi bro

sry to say but actually is under 900mil per sp and i need to invest more time then it was planned for this charackter.

9b b/o is my last offer and its more then fair in my eyes.

deal ?

Ok transfer isk to this character, and post here after you have done it. I will reply isk received and start the transfer.

9b sendet

Isk Received. Please send your account name to this character in in game email, I will begin the transfer (or post the account name here…up to you).


Transfer Initiated. It usually takes them about 24 hours to transfer.

Thanks and enjoy him!

charackter received, thanks too

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