WTS 11.8m caldari focused starter

(Fort Poljus) #1


0.0 sec
Positive wallet
500mill in implants
Focused training hardly any waste
23 lvl 5 skills
9 bill start and buyout what I think is a good offer.

(sheshi Shaishi) #2

9 bil

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #3

9.5 bil


(Fort Poljus) #4

Bump and looking for more.

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #5

9,5Bil Isk ready

(Pia Sweet) #6

10B B/O

(Fort Poljus) #7

In no rush to sell looking for a bit more.

(Fort Poljus) #8


(Fort Poljus) #9


(Fort Poljus) #10


(Fort Poljus) #11


(Vuko Nitj'sefni) #12

10,5 bil

(Fort Poljus) #13

Would like 11 but if yours is still the highest bid by the time I’m back from work in 7 hours I’ll accept it if the offer is still there.

(Fort Poljus) #14

Will accept 10.5b if it’s still valid.

(E-P-C round) #15

11B ready

(Fort Poljus) #16

11bill accepted I’m currently at work I could maybe arrange to transfer still when isk is sent or if you are able to wait till 7 hours from now

(E-P-C round) #18

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks,

(Fort Poljus) #19

Sorry for late reply not long woke up we must be in different time zones. Anyway isk and account info recieved and transfer started. Have paid by card so should be with you in 10 hours. Thank you.

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