WTS 9 mil combat starter

Slight negative sec status
Level 4 Caldari FW missions available
Positive Wallet
Located in Amarr
No kill rights


Has about 900k unallocated SP

Starting Bid: 5bil
B/O: 9bil

Bump. Keep this guy out of the recycle bin!

Bid retracted.

Sorry I missed your offer.

This character is still for sale.

Still for sale.


Bump. Starting price adjusted.

5b offer


Sorry, no goons. Bid rejected.

Character is still for sale.

Sub runs out in 6 days. Character is still for sale until then.

5 bil

Your’s in 2 hours if there’s no other offer.

all yours send isk to this char and accnt name

Offer made for 5.5

breq isn’t responding, sellign to sniper bros15 for 5.5bil

Isk sent along with account name

isk received and transfer started

Crud. Had to go get some sleep so missed your post. nvm. glad you got a quick sale anyway.

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