WTS My Self 9.5mil sp 9.5b buy out

(Dalila Aubaris) #1

i am for sale
9.5 mil sp
no kill rights
in npc corp
high sec
postive wallet
start bid of 9b and and decent buy out
B/O 9.5bil
will use plex to transfer
pw 123
only serious buyers

WTB Mining / Production / Hauling Characters
WTB Miner
(Arc Hammer) #2

I’d do 8bil B/O

(Dalila Aubaris) #3

I need more please thanks

(Arc Hammer) #4

It’s 9.3mil sp, not 9.5mil, which decreases the value of extraction

There are some skill points that aren’t related to mining. You could only get 3.8bil extracting. I’ve got 8 Bil for you right now, not really worth more than that to me.

(Dalila Aubaris) #5

plus 250k sp not used.
I am not selling below what i spent on the toon you have to go higher man thanks for your bid.

(Gergers Ejnar) #6

not used, but the game count it in. so do not give it again to the all Hammer is right

(CrimsonCrews11) #7

This characture is not in a npc corp either, 9 b bid if fixed per the rules and regulations

(Dalila Aubaris) #8

Hey in game it is in npc Corp if I can get a little more on the bids

(Dalila Aubaris) #9

First person to give me 9.5b buy out I. Am yours

(Dalila Aubaris) #10

Hey I. Accept your offer please send the isk and account info

(CrimsonCrews11) #11

Spunds good, i will do this when i get home from work!

(Dalila Aubaris) #12

Cool will be waiting

(CrimsonCrews11) #13

Isk and mail has been sent!

(Dalila Aubaris) #14

I have received isk and account i have sent a ticket to gm to start the transfer thank you

(Dalila Aubaris) #15

the gm siad the transfer is completed please confirm

(CrimsonCrews11) #16

Character transfer complete, thank you!