WTS - 10.5 mill SP Starter

B/O 9 bill


pw: bawbag

Anyone help.with a price check?

I could do 7b for this character

Aiming for a bit more tbh, im in no rush to sell, might work on his core skill a bit more to boost the price

Looking to sell

negative sec status
barely any core skills to V

Basically flies a destroyer class (heretic) as can’t use t2 guns on a sabre ether.

Your toon is just SP farm

I would offer you 7.2bil buyout just based on SP (valid for 5 hours, as have other auctions im bidding on)

Pass. I’m in no rush to sell

You’re right about the sec status, it does need fixed and could use a few more core skills to 5.

He also flies the confessor pretty well, might train the T2 guns for sabre then sell.

9b for B/O

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