WTS 6.7m Caldari Starter


  • PositivE wallet
  • Positive Sec
  • located in Perimeter
  • 0 JC

250k unallocated SP

Still has a handful of tengu ready skills (needs to retrain Caldari Cruiser V)
Currently specced out for Per/Wil with +5s

Plex Transfer will be used

B/O: 6.5b

Edit: I’ve quit corp, it will update on the next skillboard refresh


ill do 6 right now

can we meet at 6.25b? @Amon_Calis

Yeah ok. Sending deets soon.

Send when you can to Lebeau, and I’ll submit the ticket @Amon_Calis

Im so sorry mate. I got called into work. I will however be back around dt. Aorry for stiff around.

all sent.

No worries I can get on and sort it all out hopefully some time in the next 4 hrs

Ticket submitted: http://prntscr.com/kihvqw

And transferred, 7minutes, record timing

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