(SOLD) WTS 105M SP Pilot - Ends : 21/03

Selling myself.
SP : 105,961,780
Unallocated SP 190,510
1 Neural remap available

In NPC Corpation
Actually in low sec : Kourmonen

Jump Clones :
1 with High-grade Crystal
1 with standard augmentation + Skirmish mindlink
1 with armored mindlink

Negative SS but no kill rights
Standing not really neutral : (see eveskillboard)
Positive Wallet


Bidding starts at 65B
Ends : 21/03/2020

65b offer

Starting bid met; 65B for BetterDeals.
We will have a sell, only few days left if you want me :).

And please, no eve mail; it won’t be read :/.

Bump !

I can offer 70B

71b offer


We have a winner ! Waiting for the isk and the account info.


Isk received and transfer done.

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