(SOLD) WTS 106M SP PvP Pilot - Ends : 29/03

Selling myself.
SP : 106,264,362
Unallocated SP : 419,255
Neural remap available
Bonus remap available : 2

In NPC Corpation
Actually in low sec : Gultraten

Jump Clones :
1 with standard augmentation + Skirmish Command mindlink
1 with Shild Command mindlink

Positive SS
Standing not really neutral : (see eveskillboard)
Positive Wallet


Bidding starts at 75B
Ends : 29/03/2020 16:00 EveTime

=> No evemail

Bid retracted.

80 bil buyout offer

We have met the starting bid, 75B, so Annes will be sold.

TxivYawg1 : I’ll go to the end and won’t accept any BuyOut as I didn’t ask for one in my post. Nothing personal :).

Bump !

Daily bump, the end is near ! Don’t miss me :).

Didn’t notice that Sheri Zombie had retracted her bid :/…

I will extend the auction to the 29/03; 16h EvE Time

Bump, few hours left.

81b bid

Waiting for the isk and the account info.

ISK and account information sent

Isk received and transfer done.

Character received, thank you.

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