[SOLD] WTS 107M PVP/Mission Pilot

Skills: https://char.tools4eve.com/character.php?name=Maryventure

  • 107M SP
  • Sec Status 2.2
  • Docked in Jita
  • Jump clones in High Sec and one in Triglavean space; haven’t played in years
  • Positive Wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Make sure to check standings because I have +6 with Caldari State and -2.5 with Gallente Federation


  • Excellent sub-cap PVP skills; I tried to max out all gunnery and missile skills as well as all regular, sub-cap ships
  • Caldari and Minmatar Dread/Carrier skills

Starting Bid: 100B
Buyout: Accepting Offers

I’ll do 100b

I’m ready to make the trade when you are!

I am not allowed to mail your character :laughing: please unblock me so I can send isk and account details

Isk and account details sent

Transfer initiated.

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