SOLD***WTS - 108+M SP - Naglfar / Vargur Pilot***SOLD

Good Day,

I’d like to sell this pilot: (PW: 789)

  • Mastery 5 in Naglfar & Vargur
  • Also Mastery 5 in a few other Minmatar ships
  • Currently finishing off Gallente subs

Positive wallet & security status with no kill rights.
2 naked clones located in nul sec.
2 available remaps.
Parked in Jita.

All CCP rules apply and I will transfer with $20 USD so you can have in 10 hours.

Start Price: 84B (which is estimated extraction)

In game contact for any convo is Plo Koon.

…and Go!

Saturday Bump.

Got an in game offer of 86B from Nairel but was hoping for a bit more.

Let’s find me a new home.

I`ll bid 86B if previous will be canceled

Sunday Bump.

Two offers of 86B received. Let’s go a bit higher and take me home today.


Monday Bump.

Still looking for a new home.

ISK send - info mail

ISK and account info received. Login to start transfer.

You have chosen to transfer the character Gerrick Kane to the account named IXXXXXXXXXXXX2.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you and enjoy. :slight_smile:

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