WTS 15.5m SP Naglfar Pilot. (4 days from t2 siege)


Great for a wormhole Dread!

Has a full set of High-grade ascendancies plugged in (Minus omega, has WS-615)
Is in NPC corp, 5.0 Sec status
isk positive wallet.
2 remaps available, currently perception/willpower

All relevant gunner supports at V
Min Dread at IV
6 days! away from tactical Reconfig V
Cap Projectiles at IV


Taking offers, starting bid is 16b. Buyout is 23b

Made a new thread because of some SP changes I made due to something brought to my attention.

Post here and I will respond fairly quickly.


Bump. Thanks for the bid! I’m not in any rush to sell, so this will be open for a while unless someone hits the buyout (or close to it)

to the top.

Bump! buyout is dropped to 23b if anyone is interested in it tonight!


18.5 bil

19B I can buy it.



20.5 bil

almost at the buyout! 23b takes it today!

21.5 bill

Really close! only 1.5b more :wink:

Bump! will take 22.5b buyout tonight.

Let’s split it and say 22b. I could xfer ISK tonight in about 4 hours

deal, send isk and acc info to Jake and I’ll transfer it

Sounds good will be on shortly to do so.

sounds good, i’ll be on for another couple hours. If you don’t get to it by then, i’ll transfer it first thing in the morning.

22b ISK and account info sent to Jake Clawson.