WTS 14.5m SP Naglfar pilot


Has a full set of High-grade ascendancies plugged in (Minus omega, has WS-615)
Is in NPC corp, 5.0 Sec status
isk positive wallet.
2 remaps available, currently perception/willpower

All relevant gunner supports at V
Min Dread at IV
2 weeks away from tactical Reconfig V
Cap Projectiles at IV


Only downside, is no Jump skills yet. But after a train to reconfig V (and t2 cap guns if you’d like) it’s 1 remap train away :slight_smile:

Taking offers, starting bid is 15b. Buyout is 25b

10 bil

11 bil


JDO and JDC are all lv 0 :pensive:

Character is not eligible to be sold at this time, character must be in a NPC corp at the time and for the entire duration of the sales thread being active, please comply with all the rules of the Character Bazaar