WTS : 29.5m SP Naglfar Focused

I am for sale

PW: 1234
913k unallocated sp
High Grade Ascendancy Clone Located in HS
Positive Wallet

35b buyout

29b offer if we do it today

30B offer

Thanks for bids. still looking for a bit more

My bid still stands :slight_smile:

31B offer

31.5 B

32B offer

if the above bids do not come through my bid will still stand at 30B good luck on your sale

32.5 Best I can do.

33 Bill

Sold to @Gillelli for 33b

You can xfer isk to me. Send me an in-game email with the account name for transfer. Cheers

Isk and account info send

Isk Recieved.

Transfer initiated. Thanks!

Char received thanks!

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