WTS 28mil sp Focused Naglfar pilot


(Nyr3n) #1

I will pay transfer fee, no killrights, located in jita

  • T2Siege
  • T2Guns
  • JDC 5

B/O 32 Bill

Wtb dread pilot
WTB Focused Naglfar Pilot
(Yizdale Bolmara) #2

28b offer to start

(Nyr3n) #3

Ty for the offer!

(Nyr3n) #4


(Energy God) #5


(Nyr3n) #6

Ty for the offer

(Nyr3n) #7


(Yizdale Bolmara) #8

30b ready to go

(Nyr3n) #9

Auction will end two days from now on 19.6 19:00 eve time. Character will be sold to the highest bidder !

(Nyr3n) #10


(Nyr3n) #11

Last bump , get it while its cheap still few hours left, get your 15k dps monster and drop it on your enemies mom today :slight_smile:

(BountyOfBen django) #12

31b offer

(Yizdale Bolmara) #13

32b b/o

(Nyr3n) #14

Sold to the Original man Yizdale_Bolmara for 32 bill

(Nyr3n) #15

will beggin the transfer as soon as you send me the isk and account name on ingame mail ty

(Yizdale Bolmara) #16

isk sent & evemail sent with information

(Nyr3n) #17

Sry for the late response i was traveling the charr transfer was initiated about 10min ago ty!

(system) #18

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