WTS Super Focused Naglfar pilot

(Nyr3n) #1

I will pay transfer fee,no kill rights,located in Jita.

  • T2Siege
  • T2Guns (almost maxed out gunnery)
  • JDC 5
  • Great suport skills

Starting bid : 28b.

(Pranda Xeon) #2


(Nyr3n) #3

Starting bid : 28b.

(Pranda Xeon) #4

i know your label but i think that not worth

(Nyr3n) #5

Well then you should not bid on it :slight_smile: thx for the bump tough.

(Pranda Xeon) #6

maybe i can wait u change your mind :grinning:

(Ag3nt Jita) #7

Negotiation lvl100

(Nyr3n) #8

up again!

(Jaina Siad) #9

27b iskies

(Nyr3n) #10

thx for the offer. up

(Nyr3n) #11


(Nyr3n) #12


(Jimmy Michaels) #13

28B offer

(Nyr3n) #14

thx for the offer. bump

(allayah thunderbolt) #15

Just tell us your b/o.

(Nyr3n) #16

As soon as i get home from work ill write my b/o price ty.

(Nyr3n) #17

B/O is 35 bil. Auction will end 27.1.2018 16:00 eve time if the B/O is not met it will be sold to the highest bidder .

(Jimmy Michaels) #18

Offer retracted

(Mafan) #19

can h4tred confirm that he is for sale?

(Nyr3n) #21

Sure H4tred will confirm when i get home from work.