WTS/WTA 15m SP Naglfar pilot (250k unallocated)


Great for a wormhole Dread!

Has a full set of High-grade ascendancies plugged in (Minus omega, has WS-615)
Is in NPC corp, 5.0 Sec status
isk positive wallet.
2 remaps available, currently perception/willpower

All relevant gunner supports at V
Min Dread at IV
10 days! away from tactical Reconfig V
Cap Projectiles at IV


Only downside, is no Jump skills yet. But after a train to reconfig V (and t2 cap guns if you’d like) it’s 1 remap train away :slight_smile:

Taking offers, starting bid is 15b. Buyout is 25b




I am looking for you in the Alliance QQ group, private chat

alliance QQ chat? Not sure what you mean, Or if you have the correct alliance… lol

We’re in the same league,23333

STARCHASER Inc. We are in the same league

Last quotation 17B


I’ll give it to you.

18B B/O



19 bil

I will be keeping this through Monday unless I get close to that buyout. Which means it’ll also come with a free 250k unallocated SP :slight_smile:

Bump for the AU folks.

25bil b/o

Bid accepted, send isk/account to jake and i’ll get it started asap.

The bidding is still open until I recieve this isk btw, if anyone wants to bid higher. I’ll be at my PC most of the day so as soon as I recieve the isk i’ll update this.