[WTS] WH Naglfar Pilot 25.7m

Confirming I’m for sale. I’m starting the bidding at 21bn. Buyout is 33bn.

I have 2 remaps available, and a set of implants for C5/C6 WH sites. I also have Minmatar Carrier skill book, JDC V, and Minmatar Dreadnought V.


21 bil

22b bid

23 bil

23,5 bill

24 bil

25 bil

26 bil

27 bil

Private message bid is 28bn. Erata is highest bidder if this is a false bid.

28 bil


I give up my bid

29b if erata offers 28b or 30b if he doesn’t

The high bid is currently 30b. He has offered 29b.


If B/O is not met within 24 hours, I am accepting Erata’s bid. Thank you everyone for the interest.

35b b/0
highest price i can accept
if there is higher
I quit


35b buy out