[WTS] WH Naglfar Pilot 13.7m

Confirming I’m for sale. I am starting bidding at 17bn.

I have no killboard history, and two remaps. I own a set of implants for C5/C6 WH sites.

14 billion bid

15b BO offer

15,5 bill money ready right now


16,1 bill


16,111 bill


16.111.990.000,02 isk

thank you, good luck with next toon

no t2 weapons nor jump skills, will offer 16,5 billion


17,5 bill

I am accepting Cadri’s bid. If the bid is not met within ample time, (by tonight) Nexus is the winning bid. No more bids, please.

I’ll match 17.5Bil if it falls through

i have the money ready and can get online right now

Cadri, I’ve sent you a mail. Initiate the ISK transfer when available.

Isk and account details sent, please keep me updated on the character transfer process

Transfer has been initiated. Thank you.