-SOLD- WTS: 10m SP Exploration Pilot

10 712 675 sp

Fly Cheetah, Anathema, Helios and Pacifier

All skills scanning lv 5
(except Survey lv 3 and Astrometric Acquisition training lv 5 - remains 660 065 sp for : (775 000 unallocated sp))

Relic and data module T2

Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps +2
Security Status 0.00

Positive wallet
No kill right
Located in Duripant

Starting bid: 6b
Buy out: 9b

5 bil

@Queen_Estoria Thanks, but the minimum bid is to 6b.

@Malagaar Would you consider 5.5bil as starting bid?

@Queen_Estoria sorry, but no, starting bid is 6b.

According to character bazaar rules your pilot should confirm here that he is for sale.

Oh yes I am for sale… you want to buy me? is that okay?

6 bil

:sun_with_face: BUMP :sun_with_face:

End of the auction Thursday 28 March 18h eve time

If the b/o is not reached, the best offer wins :sunglasses:

6.1 b ?

6.2b ?

6.5b offer

there is still a little time to become an explorer. After 18h Eve time it will be too late !! :cowboy_hat_face:

6.6 B ??

ok for 6.6 b
congratulations @Blathmac_Dal_Fiatach

Send isk and account info.

To whom do I send money - to you or to a purchased character?

on the character Le petit bonhomme en mousse^^ it will be fine

Isk and account info sent to bought char.

Unfair snipe I would have paid more, ur loss