SOLD _ _ _ _ WTS 11.5m sp Gila Focussed Pilot

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
In Jita 4:4
2 remaps available
full set of plus 4 implants
Squire cap sys op EO-603
Gnome shield mgmt SM-703
Squire cap mgmt EM-803
Snapshot light missiles LM-903
Deadeye rapid launch RL-1003

can run T3 Abyssal


I will pay for a cash Transfer and will do it as soon as i confirm i have ISK


ill drop to 9 bill but no lower


if you want the char it’s 9bill, i have been looking at other char sales and it is in line with current values.

i am here all day so i can transfer immediately upon receipt.

Would you take 8B?

meet me half way and 8.5

Okay 8.5B

ok if you send me the isk, i shall confirm here once received, then send me an eve mail with your account details (post them here too if you want) and i shall confirm the transfer has started.

Isk and email sent with account name included.

ISK Received, many thx, character now in the transfer process, all paid for

Character Received Transfer finished

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