• 0,5M free SP
  • Can fly 282 ships.
  • 489 ship skins
  • 3 clones has High-Grade Crystal Sets

Jeeos Jeeo

  • Positive wallet
  • 5.0 security status
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita
  • In NPC corp

Start: 110 Bil
B/O: 140 Bil

Hi! Good morning i can offer 100b

Sorry, but 100B is not interesting.
IFAIK latest avarage price of sold pilots was near my inquary.
Thank you.

110b is it ok for you?

Ok, deal. Send me account info and isk to Jeeos Jeeo.
I ll start trasfering asap.

After trying to get the 10b that I was missing, it is impossible for me. I have no choice but to cancel my last bid, I cannot offer more than 100b

Pilot is available.

Current “skill” link show the pilot is in a corp, please post a new link showing they are correctly in an NPC corp, I am interested in doing this correctly. ~Plz and thank you

Seems like it is QA problem, becouse I did it already.

Hello, can we make a deal on 110B?

Yeah, ok.
Send me your account name and money, I ll start transfer.

ISK and account sent

@ISD_Traindriver Hello, we may need your help, please. ISK and account info had been sent and Jeeos sent requet of transfer at 2024.06.27 12:43 (payment via PLEX). So far there is still no one handles the request and I haven’t received any transfer notice in my mailbox neither. Wonder how much more time you think we need to wait for. Ty.

Unfortunately, the transfer via Plex always takes a little longer.
Please place a ticket to the support if you have not received the character after one week.

ok, got it, thx.

@Jeeos_Jeeo Got the character, ty. I guess we need mark the post as closed as the rule states, perhaps you can check.

Thank you for patiance. Wish you a great fun with the new pilot.

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