[SOLD] WTS 11m SP Scanner / Covert OPS 9b b/o

Want to sell this character (me)

Location: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy
No Killrights
1.2m SP unallocated
5.2m SP in Scanning
Archaeology V
Astrometic Acquistion, Astrometic pinpointing V
Astrometic Rangefinding IV
Astrometics V
Hacking V
Covert OPS V

Positive Wallet
No Jump Clones
2 Remaps Available

B/O: 9b
Starting Bid: 7b

7b offer

Your Offer is Accepted, if available to finish the sale in next 2 hours :slight_smile:

We can finish all the process tonight( est time) if that is OK for you.

@I_hate_Matlab Doesn’t reply, so I’m opening for Bids again, Starting bid 7b, b/o 9b, If no other bids has arrived and I_hate_Matlab responds, his Bid is still accepted at 7b. (giving it 2hours from now). :slight_smile:

Hi, @I_hate_Matlab have you subtracted your offer? :slight_smile:

ISK Recieved: Confirmed

ISK sent, please transfer the character

Can you confirm the accountname is: Ihatematlab


all lowercases

Character Transfered :slight_smile:

Confirm that I have received the character

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