[SOLD]WTS 11m SP Transport/Scanning Pilot

Dayna Agalder

Transport Ship/Scanning Pilot

Character Sheet

NPC Corp but Character sheet is slow to update

Jita IV - IV
0.0 Sec status
ISK positive

Command Centre Upgrades V
Industry V
Salvaging V
Archaeology V
Astrometric Acquisition V
Astrometric Rangefinding V
Astrometrics V
Hacking V
Science V
Minmatar Industrial V
Transport Ships IV

Starting Bid: 4 Bill
BO: 5 Bill

5B here online and ready

All yours, send EVE mail to account with transfer details and ISK please. Cheers

ISK received, Character Transfer completed. Please confirm transfer :slight_smile:

CCP mail received. Thanks!

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