WTS 8m sp SCAN PROBE/bomber alt

Send this toon out to find you whatever it is you want.

Covert Ops V
Astrometric Rangefinding V
Astrometrics V

Take it on a bomb run with friends in it’s off time.

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
No kill rights
One extra jump clone
Docked in NPC null

Spooky Ghost EVEBOARD

Make offer.


2.6 bil


2.8 bil

3 bil

3.1 bil

4 b here

Bump up

4.1b If you have a reasonable price in mind please contact me.

0 b here

4.5 bil here

5 bil

5.5b buyout. Contact me here or in-game.

IN game offer of 6B

I will play 6.5

Don’t know if still alive or already sold, but 6.7 bil

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