WTS. 4,8mil SP toon, unallocated SP 315,000

withdrawn from sale

daily bump.

Make an offer, 3b is the top of the mountain - I would accept less

2b offer

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Noted, would you be willing to up the offer ?

2.3 for buyout.

accepted, as soon as isk has been deposited, I will start transfer

Ace has positive wallet
No kill rights
Only one jump clone
and is located in high sec

Can I still offer for 2.4?

Will be transferring isk tonight or tmr. Real life called

°Hi, any progress.

This toon is still available, or til payment has been received

If your offer still stands, the toon can be yours as no payment has been received as yet

Sorry I have just got one ytd already
good luck with selling this char
stay and fly safe

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Daily bump

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