SOLD - WTS 12 mil sp Character


I would like to sell this char that i am not usin any more, no time for multiple accounts.

This char has 12 mil sp + 1.9 mil unused sp and 33 mil isk into wallet.

Edit: Apparently there are issues with the eveskillboard site and the link might not work. Let me know if you need screenshots of the skills i have.

Edit2: Eveskillboard still shows me in a player corp and the sp amount is not correct. Dont’t know why. I attached a screenshot from eve portal.



Ok. How do we do this. First time for me selling.

Offer 7.1 billion
If accepted, you get the buyer to send isk and account name by eve mail. You then go onto account and transfer to the account given, you should also be in an npc corp,

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Understood. Thank you for explaining. I am already in a NPC corp.

I will then wait for another 24 hours and get the account to the highest bid.

offering 8B buyout.


9b buyout

Thank you very much guys. Toon is sold for 9 bil to Zensunni DX.

i did see i think。I can payfor 9.5

Thank you but i already initiated transfer :roll_eyes:

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