-SOLD-WTS 13m sp Exhumer Pilot


Fly Exhumers, Expedition Frigate
and Interceptor

All Cristals (mining and moon) T2
Ice and Gas T2

Yearly remap 1 +2 bonus

0.79 Security Status

No Kill Rights
Located on Jita

Starting Bid: 7b

Buyout: 10b

bump :sunglasses:

7b offer

Great ^^
I’m still waiting a little bit, the auctions have just started

7.5 bil

8b offer

8.5 bil bo

Thks for your bids
End of the auction Thursday 28 March 18h eve time

If the b/o is not reached, the best offer wins

8.6 bil

time flies … after 18h eve time it will be too late !! :sunglasses:

Skillboard is showing an access revoked error for the char:-

“We failed to refresh the skills for Ruriko_Lagamaar. We received a 4xx error which usually means the access has been revoked by the owner. Please contact the owner to reauth.”



Ok it’s time :slight_smile:
sold to @Sanity_Gradient for 8.6b
Send isk and account info on Ruriko Lagamaar

Isk and account details sent, thanks.

Transfer Character

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Ruriko Lagamaar

Will be completed after: 3/29/2019 4:38:15 AM

Thanks for the prompt action

Character received. Cheers

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