(SOLD) WTS 159m SP Subcap allrounder, amarr caps ( 9,6m unallocated SP)


159m skill points total ( 9,6m unallocated )
Born 2008-07-17
In NPC corp in Jita
Security status 1
No killrights
Positive wallet
Remap available now + 2 bonus remaps.
4 Clones, one with +5 except charisma.

Starting bid 130b
BO 150b

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133b bid


Still for sale

good to hear :grinning: 136 bil

Alright lets put a clock on this

Current highest bid by Iva Stark 136b

Highest bid by 21:30 eve time tomorrow wins, time extends by 10 minutes after last bid.

Alrighty, send isk and account info.

Let me know if this deal falls through as I would be willing to bid, just got off work late and missed the deadline - Thank you!

Same here. Please inform us if the bid falls.

Unfortunately, I must retract my bid due to some unforeseen circumstances.

@Iva_Stark Thanks for letting me know.

Open to offers

Thanks. 140b offer.

@SnowMaple_Taka Accepted, send isk and account info

isk and account info sent

Transfer initiated.

Thanks, will be waiting for it to finish.

Hi there. I didn’t receive any email about the character transfer. Did you encounter any difficulty transferring the character?

No worries. The character is received. Thank you very much!