[SOLD]WTS 15m Dedicated EDENCOM Pilot - Great for PvP or t5/6 Abyssals

Looking to sell myself. Dedicated Chain Lightning Pilot. :cloud_with_lightning:

Located in Highesec, No kill rights, Positive Security Status, In NPC corp.

All CCP rules apply.


  • MAX Stormbringer skills, including Medium Vorton Specialization V
  • MAX Vorton gunnery support skills (Such as Vorton Power Amplification V)
  • Amazing Shield/Shield Boost Skills
  • Almost Max engineering skills (CPU, PG, AWU, Capacitor, Thermo V etc)
  • Biology and Cybernetics V

Active Clone Implants

Ocular Filter - Improved
Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Social Adaptation Chip - Improved

3 Remaps available

Starting Bid: 10b

B/O 12b

I can offer 6B

That’s pretty much extraction value not including the $20 fee.

So no.

Unlock your inner shaman.

Make 500m+ an hour!

My offer is still good

I’ll give you 10B


I will see if there is anyone else with a higher offer.


Great for small roaming gangs, wormhole fights or even just to annoy the enemy logi in a null block fight!

Buyout lowered!

Any more offers?

I am your next isk printing machine or zappy pilot for you lowsec/null fleet!

Can you do 12b?
To cover the implants + transfer fee

It is already covered

Your extraction value is 6 bil (and dropping, was 6.8 bil at the moment of my bid)
Implants - 550 mil
Transfer cost (500 plex) - 1.2 bil

So your actual price is 7.75b

I might consider retracting my offer. Definitely not going up.

That would be completely ignoring the fact that it would cost around 17b, not including books or implants to inject from fresh.

When I add the fact that I could sell an extracted toon with implants as an SP farm for a few bil, the extraction route is becoming increasingly tempting.

It’d be a real shame though as Edencom ships are such a blast to fly in both PvP and PvE. I really want this toon to go to someone looking for a great pilot and not just a extraction source.

I will lower the buyout one last time to 12b and leave myself up for a week.

I’m still offering you much above the extraction price, just because I want to fly this toon for some new experience. But I’m not a credit card warrior, maybe one will drop by. My isk were hard to get.

5M SP extracted toon with implants would give you 3.5 bil max, plus 6 bil from extraction (might become lower), it’s 9.5 bil and you still pay the transfer.

I understand your feelings, but 10 bil is really my best bet.

@Abyssal_Goddess ok, I still want it too much, so I’ll do 12 bil bo, isk and account info sent

someone read the patch notes…

I’m glad we could come to a deal.

Transfer has commenced.

Have fun!

@Rosella_Locke lol 100%

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