[SOLD] WTS 16.6m Caldari HAC/Interdictor/Logi/Recon pilot

Standard bits: character is in a newbie corp, positive sec status, left in high sec space with no ISK or assets included as part of the trade.


The character was originally rolled with the intention of running missions, and is capable of flying e.g. a T2-fit Cerberus to that end, but has some more PVP-focused skills as well.

Probably a good PVP or mission-running starter alt.

Looking for bids in excess of 10bn, buyout offers considered.


Carendal Tsero 7B

Still available, would like to hold out for more than 7B as things stand!

How about we meet in the middle at 8.5bn?

i can offer 7.5 today.

@Enoch_Zamayid 8bn and I’ll initiate tonight.

if u agree,i can offer 8.5b

8.5bn accepted! Send ISK and account name in game please :slight_smile:

isk sent,and get the reply email

ISK received, transfer initiated. Enjoy!

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