(SOLD) WTS 32.5M SP Missile focused Character

No killrights, positive sec. status, located in Jita, Remap available

Caldari BS/Cruiser/Destroyer/frig to lvl5, Gallante cruiser lvl5

Ideal for flying Tengu(maxed subsystems), Orthrus, Cerberus(only couple hours remaining for HAC skill), Flycatcher, Raven Navy etc.

Also can fly Mastodon/Prowler

Pass: 123

Starting bid: 26bil

22.0 b

23.5 bil

Still for sale

Still selling

Still selling

Withdrawn found another char.

Buyout accepted, send info and isk.

Since last offer has been withdrawn, character is still for sale.

Confirming 23.5 bil

24b isk ready

Still selling, looking for atleast 26b

26b B/O

Accepted, send info and isk.

isk and account info sent

Isk recieved, character transfer has been started.

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