WTS 36M SP Caldari Toon, many Lev 5 skills <<SOLD>>

The character is Denal Verse.

No Kill rights, positive wallet, 4 remaps available and based in Jita hub.

This character has many level 5 mining orientated skills including 14 level 5 mining skills.
Also has Mining Barge 5, Mining Frigate 5, Caldari Industrial 5, Exhumers 5 and Transport Ships 5,.

This is a repost as I realised I should have made this post with the character I was selling.

Looking for a quick sale so will accept the first sensible offer.

20bill isk ready

Done. I’m out at the moment but will be home in about 2 hours to do the trade. I’ll message you in game as soon as I’m back.

I propose you 21b for your character

Hi Alina,

I’ve already agreed for it to go to vidro but if for any reason that sale falls through then I’ll contact you.

isk 20bill and acc name sent ingame

Sale to vidro unknow completed.

Character Transfer Received

Thank You.

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