**SOLD** WTS 18.8 Tengu Missionrunner/Explorer w/ HG Crystals - 14b buyout


-In High Sec
-Positive Wallet Balance
-No Kill Rights
-Full High Grade Crystal/missile implant set
-Can run high level missions
-Will use cash to transfer (only 10 hour delay instead of days…)

Price: 14 billion ISK


Hi Guy, this is not an auction but rather a sale.

12.5 bil

I’m not sure you…no wait, trolls. Got it. Not feeding you. :slight_smile: 14b is the buyout.

14b if you accept

Accepted - please send to me and an evemail with the acct you want him on and I’ll send now. :slight_smile:

Potential buyers - Erin has not send any money or info so character is still for sale.


Can you give the pod details, as it’s not shown on the skilboard?

As soon as you post the pod(s), I can send you 14b if you accept.

Ok, it’s weird it doesn’t appear on eveskillboard.

Can I send you the ISK?

Yes please. Will transfer within an hour of isk recieved.

ISK and account name sent.

A character is biomassing on this account, so please wait my green light to initiate the transfert in about 7h

You got it. I will be in and out all day.

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No problem. I have this delay problem, you do it when you can.

Slot is avaible, you can do the transfert

Transfer incoming within the hour.

Transfer initiated. Thank you for your business!

Mail received :slight_smile:

Character well received, thanks for that transfert o7