Hi all =)

I’m interested in selling myself, originally planned as a frigate abyssal runner I’m sure there’s people out there who have the time to use it where I do not!


Positive wallet
Located in Ono, high sec
Kill rights: none
Jump Clones: 1 light missile 7-10 set

Daily bump

10b bo

Thanks but I’m not in a hurry

I am ready to offer 12 b

12.5 bil

Sorry but I think 12.5 even is underpriced compared to similar sales over the last 2 weeks. Please come back with an improved bid if you’re interested

I can do 13 B

See, even WTB can manage more than 12.5, should give you an indication you can do better

16b offer

Yeah I’ll accept that mate

@Velen_Oitti_Saisima do you want this

Because I want to use a larger ship, I am thinking about whether to buy this pilot. For PVE, Abyss, and Tier 4 missions, the frigate will be a bit insufficient

Abyssal dead space is literally what it’s designed for but it’s your decision

Bump then I guess!

I offer 14b if the 16b bid isn’t real

Thanks for the bid, I’ll bear it in mind but I think I can get more

16 b/o offer

I will accept this offer, please send ISK and eve mail me your account name and I’ll start the transfer

isk and acc name sent