SOLD WTS 2003 Character 296M SP Pilot Can do anything

for sale

No time wasters

Sensible offers

Starting bid : 300B
B/O :350B
Includes Transfer fees

what amount are you expected ?

350B no less

I could have done 300B …

By the way you should correct your title, it is misleading not 95M but 295M SP
the diffence is so huge event immeasurable . :smiley:

well that’s a shame good luck

done thanks

320B negotiable

I am looking forward to getting an account


could go to 345B

your not going to find a better toon and his name is brilliant.

can be yours today.

Is there any discussion about the price?

ok i will meet you half way 335B

Do you want to sell Spaceman?

310B Whether to close


il give u 335B

Hi, no Spaceman is not for sales.

Just me and Emorius

It’s yours for 335B

Just confirm you want it and have the isk ready

yeah i want it, will log and sent u isk and acc

Isk and Acc info sent

isk and account details received.

about to send character

  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill rights
  • Pilot located in high sec
  • yearly Remap 1
  • Bonus Remaps 0
  • Security Status 4.9