[SOLD] WTS 2005 character 74m SP

Skill Points: 68,827,125
Unallocated SP: 5,563,040
Wallet: Positive balance
Killright: None
Character located: Highsec
Jump clone: currently plugged learning implants

Starting bid: 50b (extract value)


Daily bump

42 billion ISK offer.

50b LeaZarus#7619 isk ready online (edit 48b->50b) feeling nice today

@Zavulon_Raubvogel thanks for your offer i’ll wait for few days for more offers, if yours still BO i’ll accept it

sure, its good for 24h soo… will wanna know tomorrow at the latest

@Zavulon_Raubvogel 50b offer accepted, please transfer isk and send account info for transfer via eve mail

bought a different toon for 60b earlier but making this one happen aswell just need few more hours

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47b offer

isk and acc info sent confirming Fried Lobster is my own and the toon that sent the isk and info

@Zavulon_Raubvogel Character transfer proccess has been started, should be done within 10 hours.

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