SOLD----WTS 20mill sp Character

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet
No kill rights
185,000 Skillpoints unlocated
2 availible remaps

open to offers

As per the other thread where you replied to me, I offer 13b.

Hmm what about 14b

Hmmm… sure. why not. 14b it is. Please confirm that 14b is accepted and I will send the isk from this character.

Confirmed we got a deal, you can send the isk

14b sent from this character to Aryon Hanzo.

Isk received, I will start the transfer process, pls let me know to witch account send it

Send to

Allright, I will send it in less than 4 hours, right now I’m not able

Let me know when. Thank you!

Transfer done, confirm you got it

Character received.

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