[SOLD] WTS 21.3m SP Exhumer Pilot

Lex Wolfek - Looking to sell exhumer pilot, excellent drone skills and mining ship skills

Lex Wolfek

ISK Positive
Jita IV - IV
No Kill Rights

Mining Drone V
Mining Drone Spec IV
Drone Interfacing V
Leadership V
Astrogeology V
Ice Harvesting V
Science V
Tact Shield Manipulation V
Exhumers V
ADV Spaceship Command V

Starting Bid 16.5 Bill
BO 18.5 Bill

Confirm I am for sale

14b offer

Can do 14B offer, send eve mail in game with account details and ISK please, will be paying by card too. Cheers

14.5 BO

online isk ready

Nothing heard from previous buyer yet, sent you an ingame mail

Confirm I am still for sale and online atm

15b b/o

Offer of 15 Bill has been accepted, send details in game and ISK. Character is now currently in process of being SOLD

account info and isk send.waiting for character transfer.

ISK received, Character Transfer completed. Enjoy!

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