[SOLD] WTS 25 Mil Exhumer V/Mission Runner Pilot - Reduced

I am looking to sell the following pilot:


Highlights include:

Exhumers V
Mining Drone Spec V
Drone Interfacing V
Cuise Missiles V
Full set of HG Crystals, +5% hardwires

A little over a week and she will be able to pilot a Golem.

Can run Level 4 Security & R&D missions for Republic Justice Department / Boundless Creation

Positive Wallet, in Jita, no Jump Clones, Remap available 31 Aug 19 and no kill rights.

Start: 10bil
B/O: 23bil

15 bil

16 Billions

17 Billions

18 Billions

19 billions

20 billions

21 billions

Put it up to 25bil and I will do the xfer now. Only going to be online for an hour or so :slight_smile:


Back to the top!.

22 billions

Send the isk and account name and I will transfer immediately.

ISK and Account Name sent.

I have done the transfer.


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